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Inspirations – Mae West


Mae West

by Bev

Who else can say they have had a sofa made inspired by their lips? This sofa was created in 1937 by Salvador Dali – Mae fascinated him which led to this surrealist piece.


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Your Photoshoot Checklist!

web image 4

When you book a shoot with us here at Moving Pictures, we know the next questions are going to be “what shall I bring?” and “what do I need to do to get ready?”…and then “HELP!”

Bonnie Bradford-005

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Remembering Marilyn


It’s 53 years ago today since the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe.  Born in 1926, she became a photographic model in the 1940’s before finding fame as a Hollywood film star into the 1950’s.  Marilyn’s presence as a true icon of her age survives in her many films and images.

She is often a great inspiration to our customers, from her hair and make-up to her style which ranges from 40’s Hollywood Glamour to 50’s pinup cuteness.

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