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A photoshoot with Moving Pictures Photography is so much more than posing for pictures – it’s a confidence boosting, empowering, energy giving, restorative, exciting experience with long lasting effects.  When Nicky booked her shoot with us, we didn’t know that she also takes her clients on a journey to re-energise (or even rediscover) their confidence and self esteem. Take a look at for more information about Nicky’s amazing work.

Read on to hear from Nicky about some of her own personal journey, and what her photoshoot meant to her – and what yours could mean to you!

Nicky Edwards (12 of 12)

“I arrived at Moving Pictures having booked a photo shoot a few weeks before. One of my clients had already been to see them and was raving about their work, so I was a tad intrigued. Having followed their Facebook page and website I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go along.
I am a firm believer that stepping out of your comfort zone can be the only way to move forward. If something doesn’t scare us just a little bit then how can we ever grow from it? Having a shoot with Aby and Keith was definitely going to challenge me on a new level.

Working every week with ladies who want to lose weight and supporting them to achieve their goals was a career that grew from my own goals. Having previously lost 6 stone and battled with disordered eating and body dysmorphia this photo-shoot seemed somewhat poignant. When you work with amazing ladies facing their fears to become the person they aspire to be you cannot help but constantly feel inspired, so this shoot was fuelled with a little bit of their courage.

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I arrived at the studio; bag all packed (mainly with shoes), and was greeted by Aby and Keith who, no lie, make you feel instantly at ease. There was no surprise why my client had spoken so highly of them. Before I knew it I was sat having my hair and makeup done, and when I next looked into the mirror I had been transformed by Bebe (makeup genius – she runs the MakeUp Studio Brighton and Brighton Beautyworks and is incredibly good at what she does).

After a wardrobe change (with some help with Aby) I was straight into finding my inner goddess – I am still wondering about that bit – but Keith’s photo skills are astounding and having seen the first few shots that last little worry that we all have as a woman had quickly disappeared. This studio has somewhat of a magical nature – you walk in feeling normal and within an hour feel like you could conquer the world!

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Time seemed to distort over the next few hours as Aby demonstrated her acrobatic skills and I found myself laying/standing/sitting in positions worthy of a 50s movie starlet which was miles away from my normal chair in my hypnotherapy practice. However it did make me think of many things which were all so relevant to my work.

As women we spend many hours criticising our body and appearance, body dysmorphia is rife and with the media input criticising and pulling apart women’s bodies, focussing on every minute imperfection it can be difficult to appreciate what we have achieved – if we ever do. With a past history of disordered eating and obesity I have been a prime culprit for this, and it is a key motivator behind the work I now do with women every day. Spending so much time working with ladies to develop healthier attitudes to food, instil self-belief and improve eating behaviours. The hours I spent with Keith and Aby were a massive self-esteem boost and the laughter that followed throughout that shoot alongside some time to ponder really did reinforce how important it is to spend a little time finding things that we like about ourselves, and seeing ourselves in a kinder and more realistic viewpoint (not comparing ourselves to unrealistic measures). As Keith said ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ – although if I hadn’t seen those pictures straight after he had taken them it may have taken a little time to acknowledge that that was me staring back at me 😉.

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My afternoon with Moving Pictures was eye opening and working with Aby and Keith was a joy, they are incredible professional, considerate and respectful, qualities that we all hope to find when working with anyone in such close proximities and also makes them both instantly likeable. A week later, coming to view my pictures, I was simply blown away by the quality of the shots taken, the incredible attention to detail that Aby and Keith had planned and choosing a selection of prints was in no way an easy feat (I got there in the end though – and may spend proceeding weeks driving friends nuts showing them my photos).

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I am more excited to say that having had lengthy discussion with both Aby and Keith that A Step at a Time Hypnotherapy and Moving Pictures will be collaborating over future months and offering my gastric band clients an opportunity to shoot with Moving Pictures through special referral rates. I am excited to be able to offer my clients an opportunity to capture their journey in print through a company that respect women and their bodies as much as I do. Why wouldn’t I promote a company that has an ethos about empowering women – just like I do?

Moving Pictures – it was a pleasure – I cannot wait to liase with you in the future, and by no means will this be my last shoot with you (I need to come back and try out all the other categories)

Lots of Love


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