My Shoot – Claire

“In the weeks leading up to my photoshoot I was so nervous – it didn’t matter that this was my second professional shoot, it was a new place, new people, new nerves.

I so nearly cancelled – but my pre-shoot consultation with Aby made me feel so much more confident. Aby reassured me that I would enjoy the experience and feel 100 times more confident about myself – as much as I felt unsure of the unknown and riddled with nerves, as soon as I arrived on the day of my shoot I knew I really wanted and needed to do this for myself.

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Why Diets don’t Work – with Guest Blogger Sarah Dineen

Every Friday, for the next few months, we’ll be inviting some guest bloggers to share their specific tips and advice on everything from fitness to fashion, lingerie to life-coach.

This month we caught up with Sarah Dineen, owner of Fit2Drop, a fitness organisation specifically focused on female fitness and specialising in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal fitness, amongst other things Continue reading Why Diets don’t Work – with Guest Blogger Sarah Dineen

Inspirations – Mae West


Mae West

by Bev

Who else can say they have had a sofa made inspired by their lips? This sofa was created in 1937 by Salvador Dali – Mae fascinated him which led to this surrealist piece.


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