5 Great Confidence Tips for us all!

Many of our customers say that they are seeking a confidence boost – something our photoshoots can definitely give! But for those times when you can’t be in our studio, here are 5 everyday things to give your confidence a lift…

JUST SAY “THANKS”. When you compliment a child on her dress, she doesn’t respond, “Oh, I don’t think it fits quite right.” (But she might say, “Thanks! And look at my shoes! And my braids! And did I tell you I’m the third tallest girl in my class?”) Stop deflecting praise about your appearance. Simply say “thank you” when someone compliments your thick hair or sparkling eyes. You—and your admirer—will feel better about the exchange, creating positive reinforcement that makes you both want to give and receive compliments more often”. The Oprah Magazine

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A boudoir photoshoot – a fiance’s thoughts

We are very lucky to receive wonderful feedback from our lovely customers, but it really made us smile to read Steve’s words – so to all you chaps out there wondering why your special lady would want to do a photoshoot (and whether you’ll like the results), read on!

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Aby Mason

Personal stylist

Moving Pictures Photography


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I want to say how grateful I am to Keith and Aby for making my fiancee feel like the special woman she truly is.

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How to undress for your husband 1930’s style!

We had a real chuckle after reading this great article in a 1930’s edition of LIFE magazine – a step-by-step guide to stripping in the bedroom after claims that disrobing the wrong way was driving up America’s divorce rate!

Burlesque star June St. Clair is pictured sexily undressing as a typical wife clumsily disrobes next to her during demonstration on how wives should undress in front of their husbands in the bedroom.

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A Model’s Perspective….by Coco


I recently went for a shoot with Moving Pictures Photography, and as a full time model myself I thought it would be an average day of shooting. How wrong could I be! The Moving Pictures team excel in their field, they gave me so much fantastic advice on posing and expression that I can now apply to every day work. They knew just how to tweak my poses to show my figure at it’s full potential and made me feel utterly at ease the whole time.

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The best way to tell you about our shoots is to let our customers do the talking…

My Boudoir Shoot – by Cally


I had always wanted to do a boudoir photo-shoot since I saw an article in a slimming magazine. The woman in article had lost a large amount of weight and had the photo-shoot done. When I saw the offer on Facebook that Moving Pictures were doing I thought as I too had lost a lot of weight I would enter and see what happened.

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