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Ten steps to a more confident you!

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10 steps to a more confident you!

by Bev

When was the last time you felt like you? Do you feel a bit lost, or like you’ve lost ‘it’?

We’d all like to feel a little more confident in our day to day lives and on different levels, from feeling confident enough to leave the house, to giving a speech in front of a large crowd.

Confidence is something that can’t be taught, but it can be encouraged.

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Ten steps to a more confident you! (Part Two)

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10 steps to a more confident you!

Part Two

by Bev

(Looking for part one? Click here!)

6:  Make lists – what makes you happy/sad and start to eliminate the sad

Exactly what is says on the tin. Iron out where you might be being dragged down or not feeling great.

Hate your job? I guarantee that’s affecting your confidence. Get your CV together and make a change.

I was an unhappy teacher for several years, I finally took the plunge to change and find something I love doing, and it has really paid off, Monday blues are non existent!!

I am now re – studying for a new career and spend most of my week talking to lovely people booking them in for photoshoots!

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Boosting Body Confidence with Boudoir

A photoshoot with Moving Pictures Photography is so much more than posing for pictures – it’s a confidence boosting, empowering, energy giving, restorative, exciting experience with long lasting effects.  When Nicky booked her shoot with us, we didn’t know that she also takes her clients on a journey to re-energise (or even rediscover) their confidence and self esteem. Take a look at www.astepatatime.org.uk for more information about Nicky’s amazing work.

Read on to hear from Nicky about some of her own personal journey, and what her photoshoot meant to her – and what yours could mean to you!

Nicky Edwards (12 of 12)

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Nerves and how to handle them!

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Are you nervous about booking your photoshoot? Or have you already booked and can feel the butterflies already?  At Moving Pictures, we know that almost all of our customers have a degree of nervousness at some stage when booking their shoot or in the studio. We also know that it’s completely normal, and that it very very soon goes away!

Of course, that’s easy for us to say!  But bear with us…after many years’ experience of putting our customers at ease, we can absolutely 100% promise you that nerves will not stop you having the most amazing experience at your photoshoot.

Frankie Blight-011

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