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My Shoot – Isa

Hair and make-up by Christina Jessel Hair and Make Up

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My Shoot – Claire Birch

“In the weeks leading up to my photoshoot I was so nervous – it didn’t matter that this was my second professional shoot, it was a new place, new people, new nerves.

I so nearly cancelled – but my pre-shoot consultation with Aby made me feel so much more confident. Aby reassured me that I would enjoy the experience and feel 100 times more confident about myself – as much as I felt unsure of the unknown and riddled with nerves, as soon as I arrived on the day of my shoot I knew I really wanted and needed to do this for myself.

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Ten steps to a more confident you!

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10 steps to a more confident you!

by Bev

When was the last time you felt like you? Do you feel a bit lost, or like you’ve lost ‘it’?

We’d all like to feel a little more confident in our day to day lives and on different levels, from feeling confident enough to leave the house, to giving a speech in front of a large crowd.

Confidence is something that can’t be taught, but it can be encouraged.

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Boosting Body Confidence with Boudoir

A photoshoot with Moving Pictures Photography is so much more than posing for pictures – it’s a confidence boosting, empowering, energy giving, restorative, exciting experience with long lasting effects.  When Nicky booked her shoot with us, we didn’t know that she also takes her clients on a journey to re-energise (or even rediscover) their confidence and self esteem. Take a look at www.astepatatime.org.uk for more information about Nicky’s amazing work.

Read on to hear from Nicky about some of her own personal journey, and what her photoshoot meant to her – and what yours could mean to you!

Nicky Edwards (12 of 12)

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We are always so touched to hear from our customers after their photoshoot, especially when they tell us how the experience made them feel, both on the day and afterwards.  Renée sums it up beautifully with just a few words conveying so much about what her photoshoot and images mean to her:

“Aby, thank you to you and Keith for yesterday . . . it was the most extraordinary day!  I felt so comfortable being me, it felt like I had been taken out of the norm for a few hours.

These photos and the whole experience have had a huge impact on me and my self-confidence. I’ve found my mojo again!” – Renée

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